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Self Esteem and The Process of Honoring Self

by on Dec.23, 2010, under Home

You will be delighted and amazed and shifted with this inspiring and enjoyable show.  Tune in to WWNN AM 1470, Boca Raton, Florida and listen at 3PM Saturday December  25, 2010  or listen at your leisure at http://www.holisticlifestylesradio.com/am-radio-schedule/theshiftguru/ .

At the Creating Café, Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru, will discuss societal perceptions that you may want to consider shifting; guests who will share how they are shifting their life and her famous ‘Conscious Creating’ segment where she brings in the Angelic Realm to share their perspectives on life and living.

This show is the third in a series focused on discovering, interpreting and explaining the elements included in the Angelic communication, The Creating Café.  During this series, Barbara Joye, The Angelic Realm, and some very unique and dynamic guests will discuss the beliefs to hold, the manner in which the energy flows and the entire process of creating.

If you have ever wondered why your life is as it is; if you have ever desired anything different in your life and wondered how to create such a difference; if you are simply an individual with an open mind and a questioning nature, you will want to begin this series and follow the shifts that occur in your life as you begin to consciously create your own life.

On December 20th The Creating Café will discuss the necessity of honoring self, the authentic self through the development of self-esteem. This week’s guest is Eugene Ebner, co-founder of Diversity Now Media and an individual who is living the benefits of honoring himself. To follow the discussion, read chapter 19, The Process of Honoring,  in The Creating Formula or listen to this chapter on Podiobooks (www.TheShiftGuru.com and click on the Podiobooks link).Begin your exploration of self and possibilities today.  And join Barbara as she begins an in-depth exploration of the information found in The Creating Formula, both the energy flow and the beliefs to hold on December 6, 2010. You will not want to miss this series as she discusses the information in the book as well as asking The Angelic Realm to provide even more insights not found in the book.

Barbara Joye is The Shift Guru.  Her focus is assisting individual like yourself to discover and shift their limiting perspectives and beliefs on life, so they may create the life of their dreams.  Visit Barbara on her website at www.TheShiftGuru.com, explore her Book The Creating Formula, Speaking topics and Guide session’s offerings to see how she can assist you in creating the life you desire and deserve.

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